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Hard Hit 2021

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Original title:

Also Known As: Black Call, Restricted Call, Punishment, Barsinjehan, Eungjing,

Screenwriting Director: Kim Chang Ju

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Tags: bomb attack, explosion, father -father relationship, police, disaster (vote or add tag)

Country: South Korea

Type: movie

Release DATE: 23 June 2021

Duration: 1 hour 34 minutes

Language: Korean

Subtitle: No /

Sung Gyu, a central bank manager in Busan, pushed his daughter, Hye In, to her college entrance exams. Phone calls are made on Hye In’s phone with restrictions in displaying numbers (also known as “Black Calls”). He receives a call and a voice tells him there is a bomb under your seat. And as soon as you stop and get out of the car, it will explode, he said.

In the heart of downtown Busan, the Sung Gyus family’s fearful journey begins. Restricted Call is an urban thriller chasing a family in unpredictable circumstances due to a mysterious phone call.

Hard Hit 2021

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