AquaSoft Stages 12 download torrent

AquaSoft Stages 12

Behind each image is a story, a message you want to convey impressively to your audience. Develop your idea, create your cinematic framework and achieve your goal with the tools of AquaSoft Stages.


Let your internal control monster go wild! Effects, sounds, images / video, and animations are displayed in keyframes separate from the timeline. This allows you to accurately control how each element of the movie moves, sounds, or looks.

Live preview

When you make changes to your project, add motion, particles, or other effects, the result is immediately displayed to the layout designer.

Show yourself exactly how each effect has changed your project / images without you having to play all the time.

360 degree rotation

In Steps, you can rotate photos, videos, and titles 360 degrees. It looks especially great in combination with animated camera packages, as well as creating programs similar to Prezi or rotating titles, which makes your videos stand out from the crowd.

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AquaSoft Stages is an interesting program that allows an experienced user to create an excellent presentation or slide show with a few clicks, which allows you to add video files and audio tracks to your work, the result is a job of excellent quality, you can control it yourself, even if there is no support in Russian, but yes an experienced user, the user can calculate it without problems.

If, after creating the presentation, you decide to preview it, you’ll probably have to wait until the treatment is over, I don’t want to tell you it’s the fastest action. However, the software is perfect for creating complex materials that add effects, audio and video files. Once the project is created, it can be written directly to the hard disk or removable media from the program window.

Developer: AquaSoft GmbH

License: ShareWare

The language is English

Size: 343 MB

Operating system: Windows Vista / Vista 64-bit / 7/7 64-bit / 8/8 64-bit / 10/10 64-bit

How to install:

1). Instructions are included if necessary.

2). That’s all, of course

AquaSoft Stages 12

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