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Google Earth Pro v7

Google Earth Pro Portable includes the same features and images included with Google Earth, as well as an extensive set of options designed for business users, namely distance, area and 3D measurement, multiple layers and video recording features.

Measuring and drawing instruments

With the program you can calculate distances in feet, miles, kilometers, hectares and other units of measurement. In addition, you can perform area and radius measurements, determine the height of a building and measure gazebos.

Work with data storage

With Google Earth Pro Portable, you can explore real estate by zooming in to see package boundaries and get information on the selling price, zoning, square footage and more. Demographics are displayed on thematic maps, specifically media age, income and level of education for your country, state, census or block group.

The Viewshed tool can be used to locate and calculate views, measure distances, and analyze the field of view of a 360 ‘3D color rendering. In addition, you can visualize historical traffic trends around the world.

Import options

With Google Earth Pro, you can import ESRI Shape (SHP), MapInfo (TAB), and Language Keyhole Markup Language (KML) files, add large, automatically optimized image files, and share images on tiles. You can import addresses from CSV files and create theme maps with custom color, title and height.

Publish and share data

With the program you can record and save 3D images in real time. Video streams can be exported to WMV or AVI file format or saved as images, and can track the camera’s position on and from multiple locations. In addition, you can publish the information on the website or send it by e-mail.

Maps can be created directly from Google Earth Pro and can include legends, HTML, directions, scales and titles. You can print or export maps in PDF or image format. Projects can be saved in KML file format.

The perfect mapping tool for business users

All in all, Google Earth Pro is worth your attention if you are interested in high-resolution images, bulk geo-code addresses, demographic layers, packet and traffic data layer, movie recording, polygon or circle measurement tools, display space also as a function of the making cards.


Navigation commands – Look around, scroll and zoom everywhere

Sun and shadows – view animated shadows as you move through the landscape

3D Buildings – See hundreds of photorealistic new buildings in many cities around the world

Image date information

Support for new language versions

Flash Videos in Balloon Stamps

Fly from space to your surroundings. Enter the address and zoom in.

Search schools, parks, restaurants and hotels. Get directions.

Tilt and rotate the view to see the 3D site and buildings.

Save and share your searches and favorites. Add your comment.

Pro features:

It enables you to track large amounts of data

Provides access to demographics, packet data and traffic data

Flexible tool to measure distance and area

I can customize maps by adding legends, links and images

Measure distances and heights in 3D

Geo-find up to 2500 addresses

Map GIS data

Export maps as PDF

High resolution printing

What’s new in GoogleEarth Pro Portable:

– Here are the fixes, changes, and enhancements we made to this version of Google Earth Pro:

Log changes:

– Updated street view experience.

-Improved search results plus code.

Shift + right click on the map shows a plus code.

-The “View in Google Earth on the Internet” button opens the current view in Google Earth on the Internet.

– When you add a photo to a placemark, the placemark can be automatically moved to the GPS location of the photo.

This fixes connection issues that sometimes occur after you reconnect to WiFi.

– GPS input now supports the GeoJSON format.

Address security issues CVE-2020-8895, CVE-2020-8896.

– Other minor fixes and updates.

System requirements:

– Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, 10, Server 2008/12 (64 bit only)

Treatment: no installation required, no activation required, already activated, enjoy running!


Instructions for installation / activation are in the guide!

Google Earth Pro v7

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