Windows 10 Pro Lite v18363.1198 x86 pt-BR 2020 torrent download

Windows 10 Pro Lite v18363.1198 x86 pt-BR 2020

Version: 1909 (19h2)


Architecture: x64 x86

Idiom: PT-BR

BIOS: Legacy of UEFI

Archive format: ADC

Tamanho Archive ISO x64: GB

Tamanho Archive ISO x86: GB

Tamanho Utilizado Disco Rigido: GB

Creditos Iso Criada by OinfoTecnoSys

***** MD5 SHA x86 *****

MD5: C305EF3F2CA5DF0776461CE956E941DA

SHA-1: 00543E1493146B9632D84730677871352DE4CAD2

SHA-256: 931CA8D76BD6CBCD8A328F73EE6E3B1E7D01F02C1F596676DD64B17B6513F47E

SHA-512: 6104C6BED78E3E9ECD1C25BD506B538B852EBC4601009F4F3A8F8F33CA862024CDE9D280F3508E30AB0ACC7B397451EEE9A2358E53C8C7A5E085CCB

***** (OBS) *****

A = Addition

M = Mantido

R = deleted

D = Disabled

Additions ***** *****

M – Microsoft Store

M – Microsoft Edge (new)

R – Cortana – Function of Pesquisa

***** Retraining *****

A – Herdados Components – Instant Play

R – Windows Defender

M – Fax and Digitization Service

M – XPS Image and Impressora

A – Support for SMB file sharing

M – Printers

***** Access to Windows Facilidade de Acesso *****

M – Map of Caractres

R – Entrada Method Editor

R – editor of Caracteres Privado

R – Help and Support

R – Update anytime

R – Magnifying Glass

R – Leitor de Tela

R – Gravador de Passos

***** Speech Multimedia *****

R – Built-in lock

R – Smart screen

R – Telemetry

R – OneDrive

R – Assistencia Rpida


A-Service for Windows Update OBS —— (no muda de Build)

R – Service for Windows Defender

R – Servio da Telemetry

Fax service

***** Ativados *****

A – Net Framework e

A- Digital final application to install

Windows 10 Pro Lite v18363.1198 x86 pt-BR 2020

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