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It's time for something different... honest... grounded... 

We illuminate, connect and liberate flow. 

We design and deliver change interventions within which we may coach, facilitate, supervise, train.  We move on when our job is done, knowing that you will have rooted within you what you need.

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Unmet Challenges

Many change, leadership and OD programmes promise to deliver results yet rarely bring about enduring change and long-term benefits.  Interventions tend to focus on what is absent, not on what is present; and because of this, you miss the opportunity to make more of what you have.  Alternative approaches are needed to translate your investment into meaningful systemic benefits. 

Systemic Capability

More than helping you address current challenges - we help you grow ©Systemic Agency as your CORE meta-competence.  Why?  Because we believe that this, above all else, will equip you to meet whatever threats, crises and opportunities come your way in the future.  Systemic capability supports long-term, generative sustainability and it can be present within individuals, groups and whole systems.  We can work across all levels of a system. 

In contrast to many conventional interventions, we draw upon lenses, models and methods that appear strangely simple yet puzzlingly effective.  Some are unique to Potent 6; some are drawn from human systems dynamics and others from complexity sciences and systems studies.  We do/use what fits and work with, rather than in denial of, the complexity of reality.

With whom?

We work intentionally, collaboratively and systemically with your people in real time, on real issues, co-creating benefits that serve the needs of your stakeholders. 

You could have us working one-to-one with executive leaders or first-line supervisors; with top-teams or middle management teams; in small and large groups; in project teams within and across departments; with partnerships and partner organisations; in communities or multi-stakeholder gatherings. 

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  Feature Story  
  Phenomena take off not from the first person, but from the ones who follow on... in the photo, are two of our Potent 6 practitioners getting to grips with the Potent 6 Constellation in the Beach House on Portobello Prom in Edinburgh  
   Potent 6 Constellation: Stories of Change :  P6C Prezi
  Highlight of the month  
  It's time for something capable of supporting organisations to navigate through the volatile, uncertain, complex world in which they operate. This exquisitely simple framework offers flexibility and depth to cope with it all in a way that enables people to see and work with the multiple interdependencies at play. The Potent 6 Constellation integrates the rational and irrational dimensions present in human systems and offers us a way to honour and work with the whole rather than trying to deny or exclude what appears to be unmanageable or uncontrollable. When people develop their capacity to  
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