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Welcome to Potent 6!

We offer diverse opportunities and resources to support anyone who wants to bring about change in their own lives, families, friendships, communities; and amongst peers and colleagues in organisations.  Whatever your situation, we believe you will find something here that could be a difference that makes a life-long difference to you.

What people say about Potent 6

I think you have designed a very special enabling process for everyone and for all the levels in the system. As I said at the time your facilitation gifts are very special. I think your vulnerability coupled with the strength of your being, creativity and thinking really shone through from the start and held the group very safely.

Fiona Adamson Executive Coach and Supervisor

You are a first-rate facilitator/trainer combining intellectual rigour with emotional intelligence. I loved the way you used what was in the room as material and the way you used yourself and your stories not merely to illustrate but to share how you aim to be.

Alison ClarkCoach/Consultant

Through the work we did, I gained a profound understanding that to reach my full potential I had to break the repeating patterns in both my professional and personal life that were holding me back. This profound realisation was ultimately tremendously empowering – because I suddenly understood that, as I was complicit in these patterns, I had the power to change them and have begun to do so in every part of my life

Gary ColliganArchitect & Town Planner

Louie has an extraordinary style that commands both respect and authority, while soothing and non-threatening at the same time. She is obviously very knowledgeable with a wealth of experience that she often quotes during the sessions to add realism to the presentations. An extraordinary professional and a captivating presenter and teacher. I look forward to the next chance that I will have to be trained by her.

Paolo Pulcini Area Solution Sales Lead – MEA

Louie has helped me to develop a clear perspective and a way forward on a series of complex issues, within a period of intense professional and personal challenge. She has a calm yet incisive approach which I feel is the perfect response to the often frantic pace of life.

Tim Johnstone Executive Director

The work I have undertaken with Louie has been rewarding, stimulating and extremely challenging.  I would go so far as to say that my experience has been life changing. I would strongly recommend Louie as an Executive Coach because of the skills, experience and insight she brings to the process.

Rob Flinter Director

Working with Louie has had a very positive impact on my life both personally and professionally. I have been able to work on the negative aspects of my behaviour that ultimately had a detrimental impact on my life and although this has not always been easy to do, the results have been literally life-changing.

Sue ByardAssistant Director

The sessions with Louie were not only helpful to my performance as a manager but were helpful to me as an individual. they encouraged me, within a safe environment, to reflect upon how I approached certain issues and how I could subconsciously impact upon the message I was trying to convey.

Martin YardleyDeputy Director

Personal and Systemic Change

Transforming ourselves and the wider systems around us is possible but not in the ways we may think or expect.  In a world as complex as ours, personal and systemic change does not happen on command.  In Potent 6 we offer new ways to see, understand and engage in the world – helping you to embrace the complexity of reality.  We help you to access and enhance your capacity to influence and navigate change in all aspects of your life.  We introduce you to a different way of engaging in the world which we call Presence-in-Action  – “coherent, timely, action enabled by one’s acuity, agility, fluency and artistry in and with life as it is not as we wish it to be.”

Developing this core capacity enables you to transform your own unhelpful repeating patterns AND to extend your influence beyond yourself.  When your Presence-in-Action expands into other realms and across greater time-frames, you begin to demonstrate a complex meta-capacity we call Symmathesic Agency.  Practitioners in Potent 6, seed and nurture presence-in-action and Symmathesic Agency through a unique framework called the P6 Constellation.

If you care enough about yourself to dare enough… if you are willing not only to invest in yourself but to invest yourself in changing for the good of those around you as well as for yourself… then why not see if our upcoming Learning Events have something for you?

The P6 Constellation

The P6 Constellation is at the heart of our approach to Presence-in-Action and Symmathesic Agency.  Our experience shows that to develop these transformative capacities for ourselves, we each need to centre in on what happens within us, within the context of our relational realms and the wider world.

The P6 Constellation is not a simplistic tool which our practitioners talk about and DO to you!  As a growing bunch of people living and working in diverse cultural, professional and community contexts, we use the P6 Constellation to open the space for transformational change in ourselves first.

Only when we are proficient enough in our own personal practice, do we presume to offer it to anyone else!  Through support and shared learning in our community in practice , our artistry and efficacy with the P6 Constellation grows.

Thus, following the living praxis of Louie Gardiner, its creator, we ‘go there first’ before reaping the delights of passing it on.  And when we do pass it on, we bear witness to profound shifts in executives, professional colleagues, families, friends and children alike. We hear how they in turn, bring benefits to those whose lives they touch: coach to client; mediators to neighbours and families in conflict; friend to friend; Executive Manager to Board Members; peer to peer; partner to partner; parent to child and even child to parent!


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