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Changing the world – starting with ourselves

When I first was invited to deliver a daily contribution in a week-long conference called ‘Leading Change for a Sustainable World’ in Caux, Switzerland I did not know anything much about Initiatives of Change.  I have been involved ever since – every year in Caux and increasingly within the fellowship in the UK.  I knew when I first walked into this building that I had a place amongst this global community and that there was something for me to be doing to support it and the people in it.  Each year I contribute to different conferences and each year I meet many, many amazing people – who, in their own ways and  communities, are helping to make our world a little bit better.

Caux 2010 Leading Change for a Sustainable World (LCSW) – Louie Gardiner

Caux 2010 LCSW – response-able leadership moving in tune with others