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I want you to know…

In Potent Alchemy this month I write of my Dad, his dying and what that means for me. I also write about love: “But what does Love have to do with work – to us in our professional lives? Being a part of the emerging Presence in Action (PIA) Community-in-Practice has been opening me up to the boldness of […]

In the Presence of Innocence

A place for Innocence I shall never forget the day Innocence returned to my life. Her (re-)birthing came on Friday, 23rd March 2018 in the hamlet of Caux, Switzerland. She came in service to a small group of people gathered to prepare and plan for the Caux Forum, due to take place in The Caux […]

The challenges of being grown up…!

In preparing for delivering at an upcoming conference in April, I was asked to send in a short video of 20-30 seconds so that conference participants could get a flavour of what they might experience if they were to join in the session I am to host with the three Pioneer Practitioners of the P6 […]

The Game of Life – dancing with emergence

After nearly three years away immersed in life, work and PhD… finally I emerge with something to say and something to offer to the world!  Although I have not finished writing up my PhD, I am happy to say I am well on the way.  I hope you enjoy the read and my poems…. [Download […]

Blogging joyfully

Changing the world – starting with ourselves When I first was invited to deliver a daily contribution in a week-long conference called ‘Leading Change for a Sustainable World’ in Caux, Switzerland I did not know anything much about Initiatives of Change.  I have been involved ever since – every year in Caux and increasingly within […]

Changing the world -starting with ourselves

Paradox of PhD and Poetry How very odd!  As I turned to re-enter the highly constrained academic container to commence my doctoral journey – amidst other personal and professional challenges – I found myself writing poetry.  I did not decide to. I did not yearn to.  I simply followed juicy little threads of words and […]

Following the call!

Here you can hear from one of the P6 Constellation’s Pioneer Practitioners…  The P6 Constellation came into view in its current form in late 2012 after 30+ years in gestation in Louie.  Coaches who Louie supervised sense there was something in Louie’s practice they wanted for themselves and called her out: “When are you going […]