Following the call!

Here you can hear from one of the P6 Constellation’s Pioneer Practitioners… 

The P6 Constellation came into view in its current form in late 2012 after 30+ years in gestation in Louie.  Coaches who Louie supervised sense there was something in Louie’s practice they wanted for themselves and called her out: “When are you going to offer training – so we can learn to do this for ourselves?”  It took about 12 months from that invitation for Louie to synthesise and find a form that was completely coherent with the complex dynamics she (we) experience within and between ourselves as human beings.  Hear what Ro has to say in her early days of coming to learn how to use the P6 Constellation for herself.

Rowena Lavender on Potent 6 from Gillian Morrison on Vimeo.